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Sulfur iron

Sulfur iron


 Product features

There is a gradually improving recognition process on whether sulfur in beneficial or harmful in gray cast iron. From considering sulfur was harmful element to adding some sulfur in the gray cast iron to improve the cutting performance, breeding effect and graphite morphology, people gradually realize that a certain content of sulfur in the gray cast iron is beneficial, which is 0.08%-0.12%. 


Over low sulfur in gray cast iron water is harmful, which will result in poor graphite shape and breeding effect. However, there are still a lot of people have inadequate knowledge in this aspects. When the sulfur content is less than 0.05%, the sulfur must be increased, otherwise the breeding effect will be poor.


Many people already know that adding sulfur in the gray cast iron will improve the cutting performance; besides, it can also improve the mechanical properties of gray cast iron, which is due to that the sulfur can shorten the graphite length, make the end blunt and bend the form.


Physical State: brown, metallic luster, melting point 1200

Size:10 - 50mm

Packing: Double plastic bag packing, 25kg / bag.

Storage: Keep in the dry and ventilated place, storage for two years without deterioration.


Sulfur iron grade and chemical composition (%)

Grade composition





















Size: natural block or 10-50mm.

Packing: 25kg woven bag or ton bag.